Enhanced Eating with Dan Pashman

Have you ever wondered how to avoid sandwich sogginess, what scented soap to pair with your restaurant order, and whether airplane food can be made to taste of anything at all? Dan Pashman has, and his new book, Eat More Better, is filled with deeply researched, science-based hacks to improve your everyday eating. Pashman, host of The Sporkful, shares his pro tips and dream lunchbox design in conversation with Cynthia and Nicky: listen, learn, and win a copy of his book for yourself.

Episode Notes

The Sporkful

Dan Pashman shares fresh eating-related tips and tricks each week on his podcast, The Sporkful, which you can listen to online here and on iTunes here.

Eat More Better

Using science, humor, and extensive research, Pashman's new book tackles a series of eating-related questions that may never have crossed your mind but whose answers may well upgrade your next meal.

Vertical Grilled Cheese Sandwich Plating diagram by Alex Eben Meyer, courtesy of Simon & Schuster.