Gastropod began as a labor of love. Co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley knew there was a great podcast waiting to happen, all about food, science, and history, so they decided to start making it and figure out the rest later. This page is the beginning of later.

We research, report, and produce everything you hear (and see, here on the website) ourselves. If you enjoy what we’re doing and would like to help out, there are a handful of great ways to support us:

Shareathon 2017

This year, instead of a traditional pledge drive, we’re asking you to help Gastropod grow. (That said, Gastropod is precisely two people—Cynthia and Nicky—and advertising covers only about 50 percent of the show’s annual budget right now, meaning that we do rely on your donations. So, if you are able to give, please do chip in—any amount helps!) We know from our survey that 20 percent of you found us from a friend. So … be that friend! Here’s how to take part in our first-ever Shareathon—just choose a team name and get started today for a chance to win some brand-new exclusive Gastropod swag.


This is one place where your donation of any size really will be noticed. It’s not tax-deductible, but it is most certainly appreciated! We use Stripe to process your credit card information; they’re used by Kickstarter, Squarespace, Instacart, Fitbit, and many others, for seamless and secure online transactions.



To stop your monthly donation at any time, email us at contact AT gastropod DOT com and we will cancel it right away.

You can also pledge to support us per episode on Patreon (which also accepts PayPal payments). And we have a special new reward—a private newsletter crammed with extra snippets, recipes, and stories from each episode—for those of you who support Gastropod with a gift of $5 or more per episode ($9 per month). Don’t miss out!

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Podcasts are hot right now. And many advertisers—and analysts—say that advertising works particularly well on podcasts, because it’s such an intimate, personal format. Our listeners are an amazing group: curious, smart, passionate, committed, and growing. If you work for a company that might want to reach them, we’d love to talk with you. Listen to an example of the type of unique, brand-appropriate spot we craft with our sponsors and then get in touch by emailing us at contact AT gastropod DOT com.