Shareathon 2017

We have exciting news! We are not doing a traditional pledge drive this year.

(That said, Gastropod is precisely two people—Cynthia and Nicky—and advertising covers only about 50 percent of the show’s annual budget right now, meaning that we do rely on your donations. So, if you are able to give, please do chip in—any amount helps!)

But what we really, really want is to grow. We know from our survey that 20 percent of you found us from a friend. So … be that friend!

To encourage you, we’re come up with a potentially brilliant plan: podcasting’s very first Shareathon. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get five friends to subscribe to Gastropod

    On iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast… whatever podcatcher they prefer, but they do need to be subscribed. Friends, family, colleagues, hairdressers, running buddies, random strangers at holiday parties… they’re all fair game!

  2. Email us about it

    Email us at contact AT gastropod DOT com with your friends’ names. First name only is fine—we’re not planning to spam your friends or check up on you. We trust you.

  3. Win things!

    Yes, that’s right: we are going to make some specially created, super cool Gastropod swag just to say thank you. The first hundred people to take part in our Shareathon will win a beautiful bottle opener; the rest will get to display a fetching fridge magnet.

    But here’s an added incentive. If 1,000 of our listeners participate—not a crazy idea, given how many of you there are!—then you will each receive a specially created, never-before-heard mp3, filled with favorite moments and outtakes from the cutting-room floor. Outtakes of Gastropod! Moments where we sound totally ridiculous! Bits from our guests that we loved but couldn’t include! But this will only happen if 1,000 people sign up at least five new listeners each.

    If you sign up ten friends, well, then there will be a little something extra, too… We’ll get in touch in January for your shipping address.

So what are you waiting for? Start sharing and winning today!