Listener Survey

Our 2017 listener survey is now closed. A huge thanks to all of you who responded—the information you shared will help us keep making the podcast and, we hope, keep making it better! We really appreciate it.


  1. The topics are engaging. The pace of the podcast investigation is great. The women’s voices are exquisite! Overall, great learning experience.

  2. Love the interesting angles you take along with the ability to weave the different parts of the story into one big picture.

  3. your podcast is my favorite – we wait eagerly for the next one to appear. have you done episode on olive oil?

  4. I listen to this podcast while commuting to work and eagerly look forward to the new episodes! Thank you for covering a wide range of topics with such impartiality and depth. This is by far my favorite podcast, and I’ve definitely helped a few friends/coworkers get hooked too 🙂

  5. I subscribe to over 30 podcasts, and Gastropod is always at the top of my listening list. Always well researched and well presented. Hope the show continues to grow and bring us more fasincating stories about food, food history, and its intersection with society, science, and history.

  6. I LOVE YOUR PODCAST!!! Gastropod is the perfect marriage of my two loves, food and science. I always recommend you to my friends and family. Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

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